What is an Art Authentication

An art authentication is the investigation in depth of a painting, sculpture or etching. Art authentication can be given only by one or a group of experts for each artist. Without this authentication is impossible;

When you sell land, cars or houses you are required to include all registration papers with the sale. The same applies to paintings, sculptures or etchings in the fact that each piece needs its own authentication. Nobody will pay an amount above $50,000.00 for artwork without being sure it is authenticated, when in the thousands or millions.


Auction houses will take your artwork if you have a serious proven provenance, in other words a complete documented research. If you don’t have a provenance it will take months before they will accept your artwork for an auction. Also, when you show artwork, they will even refuse to consider it if there is no provenance.


Each artist has their own authenticator, usually recognized by auction houses, galleries or collectors.


There are artists that don’t need an authentication. These artists usually value their works below $10,000.00. Once an artist starts pricing artwork at $50,000.00 or above an authentication is necessary.