Appraisals of client collections or individual pieces of artwork will be done with comparable information from current selling prices of artists’ works from galleries, private shows, and auctions will be used to determine the proper appraisal values when producing appraisal reports for market value, insurance and charitable donations.


On the art market, artworks and artists’ profiles, I can give recommendations based upon current publications, information from galleries, dealers and results of art shows and auctions for opinions on current market trends.

Fee Schedule


Includes inspection and analysis of the artwork for fair market value, authentications and recommendations for submitting to auction houses and galleries. $200.00 per hour (15-minute incremental evaluations available).

  1. Determine the Value of Your Artwork
  2. What is an Art Appraisal
  3. What is an Art Authentication
  4. Auction Houses
  5. Appraisals for Buying and Selling
  6. Transit – related or insurance casualty
  7. Equitable Distribution
  8. Acquiring Insurance
  9. Non-cash Donations
Individual Artwork:

A complete appraisal report, (USPAP & IRS Compliant) for Acquiring Insurance, Settlements, Damage Claims or Charitable Donations. $600.00 for each report.


Fee is negotiable based on number of pieces, inspection time, photography, research and travel, and appraisal reports needed.